Penton 180w 35

Product Specification:
  • Brand
  • UPC 711091196755
  • Length 35"
  • Wattage 180W

Price: $99.99

Product Description

1.Total of 180W(3W X 60 pieces LEDs) at 6,000K Color Temperature,Current draw 13A @ 12V, 6.8A @ 24V
2.Heavy duty metal housing is water and weather proof (IP67).Mounting Brackets & Screws Set Included.
3.Extremely bright even in daylight. Great for off road vehicles, ATV's, UTV's, construction vehicles, farm vehicles and trucks
4.Easy mounting,Fit for ATV, SUV, Project vechicle, off road , 4x4 ,mining vehicle , heavy equipments Truck, Jeep, Motorcycle, Boat etc.
5.Fully aluminum housing, vertical fins on the back, best cooling function

Compatible with All automobiles and devices equipped with a 10 to 30 Volt DC power source.

LED Power: 180W
Operating Voltage: 10-30V DC
Waterproof rate: IP 67
60pcs*3w high intensity Epsitar LEDs
Color Temperature: 6000K
Material:Diecast aluminum housing
Lens material:Toughed glass
Mounting Bracket: Alu firm bracket
Opitonal Beam: 60 / 30 degree combo beam
30000 hours above life time
Dimensions:34 inch
Weight: 5.7kg (Per Unit Included The Box)
Quality warranty:2 Year.

Package included:
1 x 180w led light bar
2 pcs Mounting Brackets

Fit For:
Indoor & Outdoor uses,Back up light,Off Road Lighting,Truck,Trailer Interior & Exterior Lighting,Construction Lighting,Garden, Backyard Lighting,Boat Lighting.

Q1. What's a CREE LED Anyway?
CREE is the leading LED technology innovation think tank that is continually pushing the envelope in LED technology to create more lumens per watt. The result is the brightest LED's on the market that will turn that dark forest or country road into your midnight playground.

Q2. What is Amp Draw?
Amp draw is the amount of current of electricity required to power the lights. The greater the amp draw, the faster your battery will run down when you are not running the engine. When you are running the engine, if your total vehicle amp draw is greater than what your alternator puts out, your battery will continue to discharge instead of charge. But in most cases, this is not a concern as your stock alternator can handle adding a few light bars without issue, unless you are running a lot of extra electrical components (like large audio amplifiers, etc) . For example, a Jeep Wrangler TJ alternator puts out about 110 amps, plenty to handle an additional 2.2 amps from our 6" light bar and even 17 amps for our 40" light bar. If you have any questions, contact us.

Q3. What does IP67 mean?
This is a standardized way to measure solid particle (the first number (6)) and liquid (the second number (7)) penetration resistance. In this case, 6 is the highest level for solid particle resistance meaning that the unit is dust tight. 7 is the second highest level, but considering these aren't meant for submarines, it is the highest practical level you should pay for and means these lights can stand to be submerged below 3.2 feet of water for 30 minutes without damage. That should definitely get you across that stream!

Q4. What is meant by "Beam Pattern"?
Our lights come in 3 different configurations: Spot, Flood, or a Combination of both. A spot beam produces a cone of light in a narrow 30º spread (depending on the exact light). This is good for specific task type lighting, or additional visibility when driving at night. A flood beam produces a cone of light in a wide 60º spread. This is good for general work lighting, lighting up an off road trail that may have overhead tree limbs that you want to see, etc. A combination combines these both. They have lights on the both sides of the bar that produce a flood pattern while the middle lights produce a spot pattern. These are a great overall light with a lot of versatility and are our best selling lights for that reason.